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Mission Statement:

We believe it is your birthright to live a full, happy, healthy life.  We exist to set families free by attaining the highest levels of health.  Turn your power on!

First Visit:

  • Goals:
    Gain expert clarity by uncovering the source of your health concerns.
    Dangers your body may be experiencing and determine if you are a candidate for Structural Corrective Chiropractic Care.
  • Health history
  • Neuro-structural exam to determine abnormal alignment and motion patterns
  • X-Rays if needed
  • we do not gamble or guess with people’s health.
  • Our primary goal is to give you the best experience with proven results.

Second Visit:

  • After the examination, and if your doctor determines you are a good candidate for reconstructive or structural chiropractic care, he will then arrange for your next visit, which is the Doctors Report.
  • Most important visit you will have.
  • At the Doctors Report, the doctors will give a detailed overview of how structural chiropractic care works as well as the evidence supporting the specialized work that we do.
  • You will be shown the results of all testing Dr. Peter performed on Day 1, including X-rays (if taken).
  • You’ll be given a custom care plan including frequency of visits, duration of care and cost to reach your health goals.

Regular Visits:

A typical visit to our office once beginning chiropractic care only takes a few minutes. An adjustment doesn’t require much time, but the effects of an adjustment continue for hours or days after you leave the office